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Sachin’s concert is more than just singing and passive listening.. he makes the audience ‘think’ music. He makes them see (hear !) through a song. For example, I always felt that Rajesh Roshan’s tunes were unconventional or that Chitragupt’s rhythm was unusual, but couldn’t place my finger on it; until Sachin pointed it out and elaborated on it with his singing.

A well trained singer, he takes care to perfect every nuance, every syllable.. Coupled to that his excellent presentation, selection of some rare and off beat songs and audience participation; makes it an experience ” one of its kind”!..

He invites you not just to sway to his tunes but to learn and share the rich heritage of film music.

Medha G
July 2007

I have had the privilege of seeing and hearing Sachin perform on stage for a fund-raiser, at the monthly meetings of our music club, and at personal get-togethers. No matter what the venue and how large or intimate the gathering, his obvious and natural talent, his love of and respect for music, and the hard work he puts into his performances comes through clearly. His diction is clear and precise, and he pours genuine feeling into each rendition — be it sorrow, love, happiness, abandon or naughtiness. One of Sachin’s invaluable skills is establishing an easy and total rapport with the audience, which makes him a real delight to watch. He is gifted with a powerful stage presence and a natural sense of humor, and carries the audience along on a journey of sheer pleasure which leaves them longing for more when the performance comes to an end. I wish Sachin all the best life has to offer, and hope his musical endeavors carry him to the pinnacle of fame and success.

Jasmine J
August 4, 2007

Sachin is gifted with a great voice and can adapt it to many singers. If you close your eyes you feel that the person singing is Mohd. Rafi or Kishore Kumar or Mukesh or Hemant Kumar or Jagjit Singh based on who Sachin is emulating. He is very gracious with the crowd – involving them, taking requests from them and giving them a lot of respect. I am also amazed by how much he knows about the movies, songs, singers, writers and producers of the songs and how he uses that to create a trivia and dialogue with the audience in-between songs. It has been a genuine pleasure to have him sing at our home for us and our friends.

J. Bajaj, NJ
December 2005

Sachin, a very sincere thank you from all of us. It was such a pleasure being in your company. The entire experience was extremely heart warming, enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining. Your delectable choice of songs and your ability to take on virtually any farmaish was such a crowd pleaser. Your sprinkling of tidbits about the songs, artistes and industry veterans added even more punch and spice to the performance. It is truly rare to find this level of talent and showmanship outside of career performers and then some. I must say you have added tremendous value to my stock as a host.

Wish you every success going forward !!

Abhijit C, NJ
November 2005

On 7th May 2005, in our amphitheater, open to the sky, a unique group of 60 years plus, music-loving men and women attended Sachin’s concert.

He presented those extra ordinary film melodies of 60’s to 80’s,which brought back nostalgic memories to the listeners.

Sachin’s infectious enthusiasm and ability to converse meaningfully with the audience, while still keeping the tempo of the performance, made sure that the group became a part of the concert.

That Karaoke can be presented in an artistic manner was amply demonstrated and proved by Sachin as he perfectly picks up the musical note which demands keen sense of timing and rhythm. That’s how we realized why he was crowned the “Karaoke King” at New Jersey, U.S.

Our group is eagerly looking forward to Sachin’s next performance at our beautiful abode located in verdant surroundings at Pashan in the historic city of Pune.

Pune, India

About five years ago, when I was looking for a small orchestra to entertain a gathering of friends, someone recommended Sachin Raje’s name to me. So I had Sachin perform at the party, and it was an instant hit! Sachin has this wonderful knack with people, this showmanship that just came shining through! He was one man alright, but man – he was just super with all the mimicry, the tidbits about the songs and composers and movies and more. He has a wealth of knowledge about the intricacies of song composition, orchestration and even the lyrics. His great sense of humor makes the performance truly delightful. He made the event and the evening memorable for all of us. Thank you Sachin!!

Milind J
May 2005

I was amazed to see that a Maharashtrian guy had such perfect diction while singing complex Hindi and Urdu lyrics! My only complaint was you stopped to soon. We wanted you to go on and on.

S Vartak
Pune, India

I’ve had the pleasure of viewing a couple of performances from Sachin, and the one word to describe them is MARVELOUS. The first occasion was the concert “Mai Marathi” and, inspite of the language barrier, I think the music was amazing. On the second occasion, it got better since the audience had the delight of listening to some all-time favourites from the 70s, 60s and 50s.

If the trend continues, the next one will make me feel heavenly and I’m very much looking forward to getting there and back, believe it or not, all in one evening.

Akhil T

Loved your show yesterday. You were simply awesome. You had the pulse of the audience, and provided us exactly what we wanted at the right times. I didn’t realize that you were singing for 3 hours!! The time just flew.

M Singh, NJ
Feb 2005

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