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01 Jan 1970 |
  • The Educator
    The Educator
    His shows are peppered with interesting observations and he shows the audience unique ways of listening to the same music.
  • The Entertainer
    The Entertainer
    More than just a singer, Sachin has the uncanny ability to engage the audience.
  • The Singer
    The Singer
    Sachin brings alive songs by Kishore Kumar, Rafi, Manna De, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar, Jagjit Singh....

A little about Sachin


Sachin Raje is a talented singer with an amazing ear for detail. He sings a range of singers and manages to get the nuances of each. Listeners cannot seem to agree on which specific singer he sounds best like – some insist that its Hemant Kumar, others swear its Mohammed Rafi, while still others make comments like “It was like having Kishore kumar in the room!” His range of Mukesh songs have Mukesh fans enthralled, while his rendition of Jagjit Singh plays at your heartstrings.

His repertoire includes singers such as Manna De, Talat Mahmood, Yesudas, Mehdi Hassan and Bhupinder Singh as well as the ebullient Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Hemant Kumar and Mukesh.

Each of his shows is different from his earlier ones – made possible because of the fact that each show is tailored to the audience he sings for. There is no script, no set sequence; in fact he doesn’t even carry a piece of paper with the lyrics! His phenomenal memory makes each of his songs come alive – each executed flawlessly, and each chosen depending on the mood of the audience at the time.

Sachin was a prodigious singer since a very young age. Though largely untrained, he demonstrated an amazing control over his voice, and won accolades such as Best singer in an All-India Rock music competition called Rock-Aid, in front of an audience of 10,000! He also won the EBC Radio Karaoke King title in 2004. He has had over 300 performances of various kinds in the last 25 years.

In his early years, he was known as a prodigal Tabla player. He learned Tabla from Pandurang Sawant, a noted exponent of Tabla, Dholki and Pakhawaj. While still in his early teens, he performed often on radio and television and had won numerous tabla competitions in Mumbai, including the prestigious Bangiya Parishad competition for three straight years. Sachin continues to accompany visiting artistes and groups on the Tabla. He has accompanied notable Sitar players, flautists and singers. He was also the percussionist and singer for hit shows such as “Mai Marathi” and “Fabulous Fifties”, shows which took many cities in America by storm.

Sachin got a grounding of classical music fairly late – from Shri Madhav Bhatki, an extraordinarily gifted singer and teacher of the Gwalior gharana, based in NJ.

Sachin’s shows have an amazing range of surprises in them. He is an excellent mimic, and is a born performer. His shows are peppered with trivia on hindi music, dialogs from Hindi films, Urdu shayari … the list is endless. His attention to diction and pronunciation, correctness of words, explanations of difficult words and phrases, keeps his shows lively, fun and educative as well.

Sachin also has had a checkered and distinguished career outside music. He is a published author of best selling technical books, has technically reviewed many books, ran a successful company for eight years, and currently heads the Program Management office practice for a California based IT company. He has trained over 8000 students in a wide range of technologies and his students include top executives from over 100 companies in India and the US. He draws on his unique ability to connect to people at all levels in his music concerts, making each of them a memorable experience for his growing legion of fans.

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